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Scott Price II

"I started TaeKwondo at Yong In  when I was 4 years old. Taekwondo helps me physically and mentally. As a 4th Degree Master, I still enjoy getting physically fit, teaching lower belts and meeting new people. Yong In is my home away from home."

Sierra Guaragno

"Yong In is an amazing place. Once you get to know the people, they'll become your family. Yong In is very adventurous, with lots of fun things to do in Taekwondo class, and in their summer programs!"

Hollingsworth Family

"We chose Yong In in the past because my now 20+ year old nephew went here when he was a child. He loved it, and now my son loves it! It's a family atmosphere where everyone, staff & students support one another. My son has learned focus & respect, and has so many good friends. I highly recommend Yong In. I have two friends that now send their kids here and they love it. And the before and after school care is amazing & so helpful. Highly recommend!"

Simmons Family

"We found Yong In during the Christmas holidays when we were desperate and had very little time to secure child care. We called several martial arts centers and other after school programs but no one answered. We called Yong In and someone answered immediately. During our initial conversation, Grand Master Woo insisted that we come check out their facility. It was late evening when they invited us to come that day. We did and what we have discovered is that Yong In is more than just a place to practice Tae Kwon Do. It has become family. They have the perfect balance between toughness and love. Our kids were shy and timid but have since gained confidence and courage. In addition, they have found a community where they are loved, accepted, embraced, and appreciated. We really appreciate our Masters and their commitment to teaching and training. We couldn't have chosen a better school. You can't either if you choose Yong In."

Stacey Brayboy

"My child has attended Yong In Academy since she was 4 1/2 years old and now 11 years old. She first attended a summer camp and enjoyed it. We later enrolled her in the Before and after-school program. This is a family-owned business. I have watched the kids grow and learn Taekwondo and earn different level belts. Master Woo is very responsive when I have had to address concerns or ask questions regarding pick up or changing the time my child needs to take class. My child participates in after-school tutoring or after-school enrichment activities at school. Once the activities are over on specific days, they pick them up and return them to Yong In. Their hours are flexible, with early drop-off and later pick-up times. All of this is beneficial when you have a changing work schedule or driving into a work location that runs in to have commuter traffic. The kids truly form a bond, and if you have any concerns, you know that Master Woo, Master Grace, Mrs. Woo, or Master Michael will address them. I do have to remind them to please encourage my child to complete homework assignments before playing with other kids before lessons."

"A Place to Challenge Yourself"

"Success Skills for Life"



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